The Trivio Long Distance Team is a ladies-only triathlon team with Dutch roots. We are racing on professional and top agegroup level in Ironman, Challenge and Powerman races worldwide. In The Netherlands we are participating in the Eredivisie Triathlon (which is the Dutch short course circuit). The team is supported by main sponsor Trivio, sponsors Ortho-Vision Sports, Arena and several suppliers.


Bike Sponsor




Isaac is already my bike sponsor for years. I have rode their "Joule", the "Aerotic" and in 2011 I was involved in development and testing of their new model "Muon TT", which is amazing. As always with Isaac the bike is stiff, aerodynamic and (important as well) looks good. In drafting races I am riding the Isaac Meson.


Supplement Sponsor




Extreme Endurance is a new sports-supplement, introduced in the USA in 2008. Tests with this supplement are very promising and it proved also to work for me: I do feel fitter, have better recovery, less muscle-pain after heavy races and I set a personal best in my first bike-test only 4 weeks after I started using Extreme Endurance. Definitely perfect for top-performances!


Wet- & Speedsuit Sponsor




Mulder Sport is the Dutch representative for Sailfish wetsuits as well. This year, I will be racing with the top-suit "G-Range". I love the wetsuit because of is shoulder-flexibility in particular. 


Running Apparel Sponsor




Mulder Sport is the Dutch representative for TAO sportswear. TAO is hightech performance wear for running and several other sports. Mulder Sport also supply me with Yankz elastic shoe-straps and are representative for Sailfish wetsuits.


Running- & Triathlon Store




Ron for Run is the running- and triathlonshop of Maastricht. Owner Ron v/d Sluijs is my sponsor for a long time and always my best advisor for the right type of running shoes.

Saddle Sponsor




Fizik is one of the most famous brands for high-end saddles. Fizik is an Italian brand, which can be seen from their eye for details. Apart from being very comfortable, they also look very nice. My bikes are equipped with different versions of the Fizik Arione Tri 2; the most lightest carbon version is very light and stiff, but still remains very comfortable during my rides.


Ceramic Bearings Sponsor




The Belgium company C-bear has a wide range of ceramic bearings for the bottom bracket and for wheels. Thanks to their support I hope to gain some free time on my bike.


Hartrate Monitor Sponsor




Robijns is the Dutch representative for Suunto hartrate monitors. I'm their ambassador for the T6 and the Ambit, excellent training tools for du- and triathletes.


Trainingcamp Sponsor




Trisports has a luxury accomodation especially equipped for triathletes on the beautiful island Lanzarote. Here I can prepare for my race season in ideal sunny and tough Canary Island conditions.


Sports Nutrition Sponsor




Born Sportscare has an extensive line of sports- nutrition and -care products and they are my sponsor for quite a few years already. For each type of training or competition they have the right product for optimum performance.


In case you are interested in the opportunities to sponsor my professional triathlon carreer, please contact us via





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